Bringing the Center of Your World Back into View

At Samsara Vision, we recognize that central vision loss from late-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can make it difficult for individuals to connect with the world around them. Our proprietary telescopic implant technology, SING IMT™, is intended to significantly improve central vision for late-stage AMD patients and help them regain their visual independence.


Based on Proven 1st Generation Telescopic Implant Technology

SING IMT is an implantable miniature telescope that features the same ultra-precision micro-optics as its first-generation predecessor with an improved haptic design for simpler and safer delivery. Capable of magnifying images 2.7x, SING IMT can help patients ‘see’ an image viewed in straight-ahead vision by reducing the apparent impact of the AMD “blind spot” and improve their vision an average of three to four lines on the eye chart.

SING-IMT is the brand name for the Tsert SI system, model NG SI IMT 3X. This is the NG SI IMT 3X implant bundled with the Tsert SI delivery system. The implantable miniature telescope is referred to as "the IMT (by Dr. Isaac Lipshitz)" or as "the implantable miniature telescope (by Dr. Isaac Lipshitz)".


The Samsara Vision Story

The Samsara Vision Story